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Thank You Letters

Given that our mission is to provide children fighting Cancer with a One-Hundred Dollar gift card to the stores of their choice for Christmas, our efforts have touched the lives of many children battling Cancer.

Below are letters/emails the Tanesha Marie Jones Christmas for Kids with Cancer Foundation received for our efforts of providing the children with a merry Christmas they deserve.

Larson-ltr.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

Chop-ltr-2018.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

CHOPLtr-2011.pdf (PDF — 459 KB)

CHOP LTR.pdf (PDF — 436 KB)

Childrenltr1.pdf (PDF — 382 KB)

JohnD-Ltr.pdf (PDF — 500 KB)

Lara-Ltr.pdf (PDF — 347 KB)

 Hospital-Ltr.pdf (PDF — 397 KB)

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