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Reason for our Service

In Recent studies, the National Cancer Institute reported that 10,400 children under the age of 15 have been diagnosed with cancer. 1,545 of the 10,400 are expected to die with-in the next year.

Recent Reports have also shown that rising healthcare cost are not the only expenses accrued by parents of the 10,400 children. On average, parents of children diagnosed with cancer spend 20–35 hrs per week in the hospital. That is almost equal to a full-time workweek. Included in the cost of hospital hours are:

1. Gas/Transportation (i.e. Commuting to and from hos hospital)

2. Food (i.e. The cost of eating out on a daily bases)

3. Parking (i.e. Daily hospital parking)

4. Hospital bills not covered by Insurance (if insurance is available)

These extra expenses mentioned above are in addition to regular cost of living expenses (i.e. Mortgage/Rent, Household, utilities etc.)

THE PROBLEM: Parents of Cancer patients experience many financial hardships. Some parents loose time at work. Some parents are fired. Some parents are forced to use vacation/personal time. Some parents are not paid for their time off to care for their sick child.

WHAT IS AT RISK: Because of financial hardships, many parents are unable to give their children an adequate Christmas, holiday, or birthday.

OUR PURPOSE: The Tanesha Marie Jones Christmas for Kids with Cancer Foundation provides children with Cancer a $100.00 gift-card to the store of his/her choice for Christmas. We are going into our 5th year of operation and we have had the pleasure and opportunity to touch the lives of many children.

OUR MISSION: To give at least one child fighting Cancer a happy Christmas he/she deserves.

OUR GOAL: We will continue to reach more children and it is our goal to expand into other ways of economic support and encouragement for children through these very difficult times.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Please support the foundation with your donations (No matter how big or small) every $1 dollar puts a child closer to having a Merry Christmas he/she deserves. Together we can put a smile on the faces of these courageous children at least for one day.

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