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About Us

The Tanesha Marie Jones Christmas for Kids with Cancer Foundation was established in September of 2006 by Charlene Marie Jones. Charlene is the devoted mother of Tanesha Jones. She began the Tanesha Marie Jones Christmas for Kids with Cancer Foundation with one goal in mind, "to establish a Foundation that will honor and sustain Tanesha's wish to help other children battling Cancer". Tanesha loved to smile and make others smile. In the spirit of Tanesha's legacy, the foundation seeks to put a smile on these brave and courageous children fighting Cancer. The Foundation, provides children battling Cancer with the financial means to have a merry Christmas.

From personal experience we understand the emotional and financial hardships of families having children with Cancer. Parents face many trials and tribulations when their child is diagnosed Cancer. In our own personal experience, talking with other parents of children with Cancer and extensive research, studies show that the cost of having a child with Cancer is not limited to hospital cost. On the contrary, long hospital visits, expensive treatment, medication, medical expenses, additional travel, and food cost, are just a few of the extra expenses accompanied by normal household and cost of living expenses. Some parents who are required to take time off of work to be with their sick child are unpaid and sometimes loose their jobs. Due to the aforementioned problems many times Parents are not able to give their sick children adequate birthdays, holidays or Christmas. This is where our Foundation continue to help these deserving children. The Foundation provide children fighting Cancer with a One-Hundred dollar gift-card to the store of their choice for Christmas so these courageous children can have a happy Christmas they definitely deserve.

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